Emmitt Burk

I'm just a simple dude who will at some point own a Subaru Forester. I don't know when, but the dad car is calling me. I mean come on, ski rack on top, all wheel drive, decent gas mileage, plenty of room for a girlfr-yellow lab, (keeping it more realistic). I digress, but if someone at Subaru reads this, hit me up! I'll get the dog if you cover the car for me ;)

In this day and age, where everyone and their mother have 4k capable cell phones in their pockets, the ability to stand out as a creator is becoming more and more difficult. Out of all the areas film and photography have to offer, the reason I chose editing as my main focus was because it was the area I saw that had the most potential for being unique. There is no maximum to how skilled you can be, and I think the golfer inside me laughs at that. But unlike golf, editing is a place I can find inner peace, relax, and tell a story. 

Shoot me an email if you want to create, talk business, or buy me a Forester!

(925) 899-4411


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