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Emmitt Burk

Hello Hello! So glad you made it through :) Thanks so much for checking out my work, it means a ton! My name's Emmitt and I'm a Bay Area native here in California.  My journey through photography began in college at San Diego State while I was studying film production. As the friend in the group with a camera, I began documenting my adventures with friends and family. Over time I fell in love with the post production process, and became a video editor for a small production agency in San Francisco where I work currently. Photography has still remained my creative outlet, and I'm grateful to have met so many wonderful people in the process.

Aside from photography, I enjoy skiing, backpacking, golfing, plant shopping, and can't wait to get back to travelling. 

(925) 899-4411

Shoot me an email if you want to create, talk business, or simply connect!


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